Charlie Cowell

Having been around golf all of my life, it has always amazed me how many golfers abandon their natural swing. I remember so vividly one of my favorite players, Curtis Strange, driving his golf cart right past me on a practice range in Florida preparing to do the same. Even after two consecutive U.S. Open victories and nearly a third, he decided he wanted to change some positions in his golf swing. Under the tutelage of a world-renowned teacher, he worked extremely hard to make these changes. Coincidentally, Curtis never won again. Many speculated on what happened. To me it was simple, he did not stay true to his own swing.

Why when we watch professional golf on television or in person, there are so many different styles that are successful? Repetition! Having the ability to consistently repeat the same motion over and over.  I strongly believe that each individual player possesses his or her own truly “authentic swing.”  A swing that they can repeat, not a copy of someone else. My mission as your instructor is to help you find or reclaim your “authentic swing.” Sure, alterations usually take place, but not complete rebuilding. My love for competition taught me to understand the priorities of this great game. Things like preparation, course management, visualization, and pre-shot routine are what lead to great play. An overload of conscious swing thoughts and expecting perfect shots is not!

The physical game has many facets. Driving, iron play, wedge play, putting, shot shaping, etc. All of them need practice to gain repetitiveness. My instruction style incorporates not only mind and body development, but also precision swing and ball flight analysis using the latest technologies such as Trackman Pro. TrackMan sets the baseline for what actually happens in your swing. I will teach you how to make your “authentic swing” the most efficient it can be. In other words, “Swing your own swing!”